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The IntelliTouch. Built for today’s modern workforce.

The IntelliTouch is durable and reliable. It’s also simple, yet intuitive. With modern design and a straightforward user interface it provides a fast self-service view into any employee’s work-related information. This translates to faster employee deployment, less wasted time, and increased and improved productivity. Add biometric identification capabilities to prevent buddy punching to help control labor costs associated with inflated payroll.

The IntelliTouch provides an unrivaled user experience that reshapes the way employees interact with your workforce management system. All through a simple touch-screen time clock designed to meet your needs of tomorrow, today.

The modern design and simplicity of IntelliTouch allows instant engagement, and action through intuition. Which translates to faster employee adoption, less wasted time, and improved productivity.

The IntelliTouch puts information right at employees’ fingertips and encourages them to be responsible for their time and attendance record. Miss a punch? The clock asks for a correction the next time they use it. Use the touch screen to type in an explanation. Accountability and communication is key.

Employees have open access to their time and attendance information freeing up Payroll and HR resources for other important activities.

Meal and Break Compliance- Employees taking short breaks or lunches can put your company at risk for compliance violations. Punch restrictions are enforced at all clocks and early punches and short breaks or lunches are virtually eliminated.

The IntelliTouch has real time communication capabilities that make available information on last punch, schedules, and benefit balances across all time clocks at your facility. The IntelliTouch can also function in near real time so that at peak traffic times, like the start or end of shifts, the punches can be bundled and sent efficiently. This means no waiting in line.

Standard features include:

  • Big, easily-configurable icons make data input and retrieval fast and simple..
  • Supports up to five languages.
  • Employees input time off requests and hours worked.
  • Employees review and affirm time cards for improved regulatory compliance.


  • The brilliant 8-inch touch-screen display can be configured with visual prompts in text, icons and in multiple languages.
  • Audio feedback confirms the desired command has been executed successfully.
  • Post a video message, a safety demo, and more- rich media capabilities engage your workforce.
  • Send notifications to supervisors via mobile and email – supporting your goals of improved communication and workforce management performance..
  • Provide real-time employee notifications of missing punches, required time card approval and exceptions, and comprehensive punch restrictions..

Multiple verification/identification methods:

  • Touch Screen PIN
  • Barcode Swipe
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Biometric Finger
  • RIFD ProximityDetection

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