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Not to Exceed Policy Differentiator

The greatest differentiator that separates IntegriTime Solutions from the competition is our “Not to Exceed” clause in our contract. One of the most critical pieces of an implementation is Professional Services cost – IntegriTime Solutions has carved out a reputation for honoring our commitments. Our strengths are implementation Project Management and superior support issue resolution.

Empirical research reveals the majority of enterprise time and labor projects fail to meet the strategic objectives deemed mission critical at the outset, and significantly exceed the cost estimates provided by the vendor! A major contributing factor is the lack of a coherent discovery engagement methodology ferreting out core objectives and requirements, whereby the overall resources required for success are fully contemplated.

It is typical in the workforce management industry for a vendor to provide a cost estimate for the cost of Professional Services required for the project completion. However, once the project is awarded, the vendor will then undertake a fully funded “deep dive” of the actual requirements thereby providing another cost for the
Professional Service required to complete the project, often significantly exceeding the cost estimate relied upon to secure the business in the first place.

This is where IntegriTime Solutions is different! Once we engage a prospective client with a desire to implement a time and labor system, we set the agenda going forward providing the good guidance, best practices and due diligence critical to ensuring the customer success.

In order to ensure the project delivers the results expected, it is imperative to clearly define the strategic business objectives and business drivers deemed mission critical by the management team. A crucial step in architecting the scope of the project is through a coherent business process discovery engagement, designed to reveal the paramount corporate strategic objectives, business drivers, budgetary and human capital constraints, change management protocols and system and business requirements relative to the project.

IntegriTime Solutions is able to construct a reliable Executive Summary and Financial proposal based on our unique Discovery Engagement agenda, including one time and ongoing costs associated with the overall total cost of ownership, guaranteeing the implementation costs projected on a NOT TO EXCEED basis. This is possible due to the highly credentialed, domain expert and business experienced Integritime personnel utilizing coherent and logical due diligence throughout the lifecycle of the client relationship.

A difference that matters to all our valued clients!

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