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Attendance on Demand Modules


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the features and functionality you want for the simplicity you need. It puts time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, and labor analytics into a single integrated workforce management system that can help your organization be more productive and competitive.

Through one completely automated solution these integrated components are configurable, not custom, meaning fewer discrepancies and errors, seamless implementations, and one easily maintainable solution.

Through self-service applications that provide high-quality information, managers and employees become engaged and empowered with flexible, anytime access to personalized data from any preferred PC, terminal, or mobile device.

Through easy-to-own and easy-to-use reporting and analytics, managers and executives have instant access and visibility to standardized and accurate data, alerts and dashboards, and comprehensive analysis and trends of day-to-day activities.

Through a sleek and modern yet intuitive user interface, in-depth functionality, and out-of-the-box simplicity are finally together as one.

10- AoD- Optional Modules


The Benefit Accruals module automates the calculation, validation, and granting of accrued leave and benefit time such as vacation, sick, and paid time off (PTO).

  • Improved compliance with corporate policies
  • Complies with FMLA regulation and mandated leave polices
  • Meets union mandates
  • Minimizes exposure to leave liability and employee grievances
  • Accrual rates and tracking can vary based on job position, seniority, or employment status

AoD- Benefit Accruals


The Points & Incidents module measures employee attendance activity against corporate attendance policies and automates enforcement.

  • Enforce employee attendance policies fairly, impartially, and consistently
  • Automatically flag exceptions to scheduled attendance, such as tardiness and absenteeism, and generate associated point values that show on the employee's time card
  • Edit point balances directly from the time card
  • Generate employee notification and warning letters automatically

AoD- Points Incidents


The Employee Self Service module provides an online time sheet that empowers employees while reducing workload for HR.

  • Employees gain convenient access to attendance, schedule, benefit and time card information
  • Employees punch or enter hours worked; transfer to different departments or locations
  • Employees see their schedule, benefit, and archived time card information and request time off
  • Employees can communicate with their supervisors by sending, receiving, and replying to messages
  • Employees enter expenses such as tips, mileage, meals or other expenses
  • Salaried employees can enter hours by the project
  • The system offers tremendous flexibility, giving employees a choice of time entry sheets so they can capture and report time in a familiar way

AoD- Employee Self Service


The Leave Management module automates employee requests for time away from work, and makes it easy for supervisors to grant leave approval based on organization policies.

  • Employees request leave through Employee Self Service. They can review their benefit (paid time off) balances and check team schedules when deciding to request leave. When the request is made, supervisors are notified through a dashboard or email so they can review requests in a timely manner.
  • Automatically evaluates each request against balances of the requested benefit and other outstanding leave requests
  • Instantly shows the impact on scheduled labor, helping supervisors make better leave management decisions
  • Enhances employee and management communication

AoD- Leave Management


The Coverage Budgets module helps you schedule efficiently, analyze labor costs, and set target budgets for worked time or paid time off for a group of employees. Attendance Enterprise compares your labor budget to employee schedules as well as to the actual hours employees work. Coverage Budgets also calculates and measures labor ratios that are important to you helping ensure optimal labor coverage and predictable labor costs.

For example:

  • Grocery stores track sales per labor dollar
  • Healthcare facilities track labor to per patient days
  • Hotels base labor on guest occupancy

AoD- Coverage Budgets


The Custom Report Writer module is flexible, fast, and easy to use to create and automate reports to help you track and analyze payroll and labor information instantly. Choose the information you want displayed and see the report built on your screen in real time.

AoD- Custom Report Writier

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