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Business Leasing Benefits

marlinEquipment financing has many advantages for your business, including conserving your cash and reducing taxable income for your business. Our Partner, Marlin Business Leasing is here to help support and grow your business. Since 1997, Marlin has provided customized financing solutions to over 250,000 small businesses allowing them to grow their businesses, update software, replace obsolete equipment and secure their business capital.

Acquiring new equipment is most likely the largest capital investment you will make for your business. Equipment financing is an easy, economical way for businesses of any size to get equipment without making a large cash investment. Whether you are looking to expand current capacity or looking to replace old, inefficient equipment, Marlin will help you understand how financing solutions help you acquire the equipment you need for your business.

Nearly 80% of companies in the U.S. finance equipment to remain competitive. They recognize that it is more important to have and use the equipment than it is to own the equipment.

Benefits of financing Attendance Enterprise:

  • $1.00 Buy Out- The most popular lease. Once the term expires, the equipment is simply purchased for one dollar.
  • Conserve Working Capital
  • Tax Advantages
  • Budget Friendly
  • Fixed Low Monthly Payments
  • Choose Payments and Terms
  • Application processing turnaround of two hours or less
  • Funding within 24 hours

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