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Time Clocks

IntegriTime gives you access to a range of fully-integrated employee data collection technologies for unparalleled flexibility. Our punch collection devices fit your unique work environment and reduce the time and costs of routine collection processing.

Our terminal options assure delivery of a terminal that is cost effective and meets your needs and requirements.

Facial Recognition Touchless Solutions
This biometric time clock is the latest in Facial Recognition terminal engineering with no-touch technology and is a hygienic cost-saving alternative. The SY-910 uses a three- dimensional facial analysis and identification algorithm that cannot be fooled by two dimensional images or photographs.

Touch Screen Solutions
Multiple language functionality lets you communicate with your diverse workforce. Real time communication means information is up to date and ensures compliance with meal and break rules. Comprehensive functions such as fixing missed punches and requesting leave can be done right at the clock.

Biometric Solutions
Biometric hand and finger reader technology makes buddy punching impossible. Advanced biometric technology stores the unique geometry of each employee’s hand or finger in a template. This template is later used to identify that employee. Employees no longer have to carry badges or ID cards.

Badge Solutions
Barcode and Magnetic stripe reader technology is convenient and cost-effective for organizations that use employee badges. The employee swipes the card through the card reader to punch or transfer.

Proximity time clocks record an employee’s presence from a short distance. To punch, employees wave a badge in front of the time clock. Each badge emits a radio frequency to identify employees to the time clock. IntegriTime can also ensure the same Proximity badge used for secured door access will work for the punch collection device of choice.

PIN time clocks use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to identify each employee. Employees enter their PINs directly into the clock’s keypad. No badges to use, lose, or replace.

ESS Mobile
Secure, easy to use, and maintenance-free, these apps are connected to Attendance on Demand and Attendance Enterprise to ensure data captured by the app for accurate recordkeeping, reporting, and payroll. Attendance on Demand and Attendance Enterprise mobile apps are designed to meet the demands of the mobile worker

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