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What do you really want and expect from your workforce management services organization?

You want minimal disruption to your operations while unlocking maximum value from your investment. We’re prepared to meet those expectations with an experience unlike any other.

Strong Start, Early Success- Rapid user adoption is crucial to achieving your ROI. We’ll move swiftly, efficiently, and with precision to get you up and running quickly with the appropriate training and a solution tailored to your needs.

Delivering Continuous Value- Our highly credentialed and domain expert services team offer consistency and efficiency. We’ll complement your in-house staff – from hosting and application management services to ongoing global software and equipment support.

Helping You Work Smarter- IntegriTime will maximize returns throughout the application lifecycle by investing in training, optimization, and support. Benefits from this approach include accelerated deployment, increased user adoption, and greater cost reductions. With rich subject matter expertise comes the knowledge and insight to recognize opportunities for process and technology improvements that take workforce management to the next level.

IntegriTime users will maximize the returns on their Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand investments by applying a life-cycle approach to deployment, integration, and user adoption, and keeping in mind the following best practices:

  • Train the deployment team: Implementations should be supported by formal training that enables core deployment teams to understand Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand features and functionality. This will enable team members to more rapidly and effectively plan for, configure, and deploy Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand. Deployments should also be supported with end-user training and support, which can accelerate end-user adoption and propagate best practices throughout the organization.
  • Enhance the knowledge: Throughout the life of an Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand deployment, ongoing training should be utilized to ensure that best practices are continually adopted and that Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand knowledge is protected from staff turnover.
  • After the go-live date, regularly reevaluate the Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand deployment: Gap analysis should be performed to find out if any business requirements remain unmet and whether they can be fulfilled as the result of changes to the deployment or new functionality that may have become available since the initial deployment. The deployment should also be regularly reevaluated and fine tuned to ensure that benefits aren’t being eroded as the result of challenges such as staff turnover, acquisitions, or training deficiencies.
  • Extend the benefits: After the go-live date, companies should extend the value of their Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand deployments by integrating them with as many applications as possible, such as ERP and business intelligence. Returns from Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand deployments can also be increased by complementing them with Attendance Enterprise/Attendance on Demand modules designed to automate leave management, scheduling, benefit accruals, and Points & Incidents tracking processes.

Call us today to learn how training the deployment team with change management best practices and good guidance, preparing the users, and conducting regular system evaluations can help you extend the value of your investment.

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