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IntegriTime Solutions, Inc.: Your Reliable Technology Partner and Trusted Workforce Management Advisor.

Since 2002 IntegriTime’s reputation in the marketplace is driven by the integrity of its people and its ability to deliver on promises made – on time and on budget. Our clients look forward to working with our domain expert, highly credentialed personnel dedicated to complete client satisfaction. We deliver the greatest potential for a superior business partnership through our team of trusted business advisors combined with comprehensive, flexible, and manageable systems. This unique combination of personnel, systems, and services allows our clients to meet their immediate needs and rest assured that future business requirements will be addressed as they arise.

The greatest differentiator that separates IntegriTime from the competition is our Not to Exceed Cost clause in our contract. One of the most critical components of an implementation is Professional Services costs and IntegriTime has carved out a reputation for honoring our commitments. Our strengths are implementation Project Management and superior support issue resolution.

IntegriTime has worked to exceed our client’s expectations by implementing and supporting enterprise class business solutions on time and on budget. Our goal is to build long-term business partnerships and our team of dynamic subject matter experts recognize that a true understanding of our client’s requirements, guided by honesty and integrity, is at the core of any such relationship.

Our business partnership philosophy incorporates a rigorous and open Business Process Discovery as the important first step. Our Professional Services Team works diligently to configure, implement, and train on our systems, with the goal being our new client’s operational excellence and rapid end user adoption.

IntegriTime understands the nuances that differentiate Human Resources, Payroll and Time & Labor Management, and employs industry experts with highly specialized domain knowledge in the areas of project management, implementation, training, and service execution and support. IntegriTime utilizes a mature implementation methodology, including Project Management Institute Processes, Project Charters, Change Management Protocol, and Professional Services Work Orders help to ensure a focused and well-managed project.

Our Executive Team is comprised of highly credentialed domain experts who are actively involved in all aspects of the operation. They work to create a dynamic work culture and invest aggressively in R&D in order to maximize leading edge technology to deliver innovative business solutions. With a superior service/support infrastructure and innovative system architecture, IntegriTime is well positioned to ensure your organization’s long-term success.

IntegriTime integrates mission critical business systems (HR, Payroll, and Time & Labor Management) on a daily basis and provides our clients the greatest opportunity for success with regard to integrating these key business processes, and maximizing the measurable ROI and diminishing Payback Period.

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